Whether you were able to find your family in my records or not, there is an 80% to 90% chance that we could provide you with a personalized genealogy study if your ancestry stems from the LaJoie's or from the Sicilian Communes of Montemaggiore or Sant' Elia and its adjoining towns of Porticello, Solanto and Santa Flavia.

We can supply you:

    1.  Pedigree Report - This report will show you your direct line ancestors. Chances are you will relate to other lines of ancestry in addition to your given surname.

    2.  Descendant's Report - This report will start with the oldest member of your family, as recorded in my data base, and run down several generations to you.  This report will probably reveal several other branches of your family which, in all probability, you are not aware of.

There will be a nominal charge for each of these reports to cover mail and handling expense and to defray research costs both past and future.

The charges are:

   1. Pedigree Report - $25.00

   2. Descendant's Report - $15.00 per generation.

In our research of the Sicilian communes of Montemaggiore and Sant' Elia with it's adjoining towns of Porticello, Solanto and Santa Flavia , our research mainly consists of a review of the vital statistics  (births, deaths and marriages) as filed in the public records in Sicily.  This effort takes us down to those of our ancestors that were born between 1850 - 1890.  This represents the generation that came to America where the trail ends in the old records.  Depending on your age, this generation will probably represent your Grandfather or perhaps your Great-Grandfather.

When we attempt to connect you with the names in our records, we must "reconstruct" your family from you upwards to the generation of last record in my data base.  This will be the preliminary step and will require an input on your part.

If you want to proceed do the following:

    1.  Send me an E Mail letter containing:

            A)   The Surname you want me to search

            B)  The names of your parents, grandparents, Great-grandparents, etc.

            C)  For more positive identification when giving me the names of the         females (mother, Grandmother, etc.) please provide their maiden names.

            D)  Provide as many dates and places of births and deaths as you can.  This information is essential because of the frequent repetition of names in the different families.

    2.  Once I receive the above information, I will conduct a search.  When I do find your connection, I will E Mail you and disclose what is available and the cost to proceed.  The rest is your decision. 

   3. Once I receive payment and your mailing address, I will proceed to make up the report(s) and mail it/them to you.

You can E Mail me at -